Nozzles for the paper and pulp industry


Key spray application - Trimming

The use of high pressure water jets to trim the edges of the newly formed paper is a standard spray application in many paper mills.  The very high pressures required in these jets places a considerable wear on the nozzles and so specialist wear resistant nozzles are required.  SNP supply a range of specialist trim nozzles with ceramic or ruby orifices for precisely this purpose.  These nozzles are manufactured by world leading trim nozzle specialist ML Gatewood

Enhanced laminar flow

Our  "trim" range of nozzles are designed to ensure the maximum length of laminar flow possible.  Laminar flow is desirable as turbulence quickly reduces the impact of any water jet.  These nozzles come in single or twin jet ranges with a variety of orifice sizes, flow rates and materials.

Adjustable trim squirt - edge trimming machines

The ATS machines are a complete edge trimming nozzles array allowing for micro adjustments to jet positions.  These rugged machines are easy to install and are designed to take the hassle out of configuring edge trimming setups.  The enhanced version allows for exact control of flow rates through integrated pressure gauges and needle valves for each trim jet feed.

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Paper and Pulp Key Spray Application

Paper and Pulp Key Spray Challenges


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