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Spraying challenge - Spraying in confined spaces

In some parts of the paper making process a spray needs to be applied to a target that is potentially only a few centimetres away. This being the case if full coverage of a target area is required there is simply less space for the spray pattern to spread out.

When working in confined spaces the protrusion of the nozzle itself may be a significant proportion of the distance to target.  As such low profile nozzles may give enough extra distance to form complete spray coverage.  Another solution is to work with wider spray angle nozzles but this can come at the expense of impact.  This is illustrated in the diagram below.

By deploying low profile nozzles it may be possible to reduce the number of nozzles required for complete coverage..

Nozzle selection

We supply a number of low profile nozzles that can help save valuable centimetres and increase overall spraying distance.  Details on each product can be found by clicking on the product boxes below.

Low profile flat fan nozzle Low profile flat fan nozzle

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