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Pollution control key spray application - Dust suppression

Dust is a common pollutant in many industrial processes that can often have severe health impacts for workers.  Spray nozzles can be used in two broad dust suppression applications. Firstly sprays can be used to wet surfaces prone to dust creation to prevent dust from forming in the first place (preventative). Secondly a fine spray can be used to absorb and capture already air born dust (symptomatic dust suppression).

For symptomatic dust control the suppressing spray should have droplets that are more or less the same size as the dust particles.  This will necessitate a relatively fine spray and as such, misting nozzles such as the P series or the MicroWhirl are an appropriate choice.  However, delivering such a fine spray to a large area can be problematic particularly if there are windy conditions.  To overcome this air atomising nozzles are often a good choice as they can project a very fine spray considerable distances.

For preventative dust control fine droplets are not so necessary but an even and relatively low flow rate of fluid needs to be delivered to the target area.  Low flow rate axial whirl nozzles like the WL are therefore a suitable choice.

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P series misting nozzle Microwhirl misting nozzle 

More extensive information on dust control spraying can be found in the dust suppression application section.

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