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Pollution control key spray application - Gas scrubbing

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Gas scrubbing is the process of spraying a fluid into a gas flow so as to remove contaminants or pollutants from the gas.  In a pollution control application this could be the removal of C02 or S02 from a power plant's flue gas emissions.

Typically fine sprays with very large surface areas to volume ratios are required to maximise contact and reaction speed.  For smaller gas scrubbing applications the P or PJ impingement nozzles might be suitable as these form the finest droplets of any direct pressure nozzles.  For finer, and hence more reactive sprays, air atomising nozzles will need to be deployed.  Generally speaking the XA range of air atomisers operate at too low a flow rate to be effective for gas scrubbing applications so the spiral air high flow rate air atomisers are a logical choice.  

Large gas scrubbing applications

For larger scrubbing applications such as flue gases from power stations, or when scrubbing a very fast moving gas flow, the reach/momentum of the spray will need to be taken into account.  If the spray does not reach the whole area of the gas flow then channels of contaminated gas may form.  It is a simple fact of physics that sprays with heavier, larger droplets have more reach than finer sprays.  This, of course, is in conflict with the requirement for having large surface area to volume ratio sprays.  A potential solution to this problem is to deploy TF series spiral nozzles.  These produce a relatively fine spray but also contain some larger droplets to give extended reach.

Nozzles for flue gas desulphurisation

FGD has become a core business for SNP.  The basic operating principle is to spray a lime slurry into the flue gas, the lime reacts with the SO2 forming gypsum which falls to the ground.  Our spray nozzles are deployed in gas scrubbers the world over, removing millions of tons of sulphur dioxide from emissions every year.  We are proud of our contribution towards saving the earth's environment and continue to innovate and improve the effectiveness of our scrubbing nozzles.

FGD is a complex topic and further reading can be found by following the link here to our Flue Gas Desulphurisation Technical Manual

For further reading on the general uses of lime including flue gas desulpherisation please visit 


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For more extensive information on Gas Scrubbbing in general please visit our Gas Scrubbing Application page.

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