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Pollution control key spray application - Odour control

In many respects odour control is very similar to dust control.  A spray of fine fluid is used to capture odour-causing molecules rather than dust particles.  As odour-causing molecules are generally much smaller than dust it follows that the sprays used to capture them require finer atomisation.  This can present problems with spray reach as finely atomised sprays have considerably less momentum than coarser sprays.

Odour control in smaller enclosed environments can be achieved by using misting nozzles such as the P or MIcroWhirl ranges. These nozzles produce fine droplets have limited reach.

For larger environments or those open to the wind the fine droplets required will need to be projected in order to stop them from blowing away out of the area.  Some air atomising nozzles will do just this.  Air atomising nozzles use compressed air to break up the fluid and to project it from the nozzle orifice.

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P series misting nozzle XApr air atomising, full cone internal mix

For more detailed information on odour control spraying please visit the Odour Control Application page.

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