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Pollution control spray challenge - Wide area spraying

Often large areas need to be treated.  For example odour control in a landfill site would require spraying over potentially acres.  This presents some significant challenges.  If, as is the case with many pollution control applications, the ideal spray consists of very fine droplets matters are worse as fine sprays have less intrinsic momentum.



One solution is to compromise on droplet size.  In an ideal world a very fine spray may theoretically remove more contaminants than a coarse spray but in practice it may simply be blown off course before it can react.  So a less fine spray, with a higher momentum and reach, may actually work more effectively.

For this solution to the problem of wide area spraying spiral nozzles are ideal, in particular the wide spray angle variants like the TF29-180s or the TF170 degree full cone nozzles.  These nozzles produce a full cone pattern with a reasonably fine spray but within the droplet mix are larger droplets that help carry the spray further.


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Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles Ultra wide angle spiral nozzle


Project the spray with air

Air atomising nozzles use pressurised air to break up the fluid but also use air to project the very fine spray from the nozzle.  In some configurations this can project the spray 8 or 9 metres from the orifice. The XApr series of air atomising nozzles would be a sensible choice.

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