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Pollution control key spray application - Foam suppression

Foam is a common pollutant from chemical and biological processes.  Sprays of foam retardant can be used to knock back the foam.  Often in food production processes the only allowable foam retardant is pure water.   A nozzle that produces a relatively fine spray but that also has some degree of spray impact is desirable for foam suppression.

Some examples include:

- The foam from sewage and water treatment plants

- The foam from brewing tanks

- The foam from paper pulp mulches


A common problem in foam forming environments is nozzle clogging and blocking.  Clog resistant nozzles are recommended for most anti-foam spray applications.

Nozzle selection

Nozzles that might be considered for foam control would be the TF range of spiral full cone nozzles.  These give a broad spectrum of droplet sizes including some heavier ones which help with impact.  They are also highly clog resistant.  Alternatively various axial whirl full cone nozzles might be considered.  The MP and MPL ranges of clog resistant axial whirls being the logical choice.

Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles  

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