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Until now the only genuinely clog resistant tank cleaners have been the TW spiral range. These special spiral nozzles have been adapted to give a 270 degree spray pattern meaning the high free passage associated with the spiral design can be utilised for tank cleaning applications. 

The TW series, however, is limited by the fact that it only covers 270 degrees.   Furthermore, the spiral nozzle tends to atomise the fluid.  Good, efficient atomisation is one of the key benefits for spiral nozzles in many applications but in tank cleaning this is a distinct disadvantage.  What this means is that the TW range is limited in scope for tank cleaning.

The new HydroClaw addresses the problem of clogging tank cleaners.  It is the world's first 360 degree clog-resistant tank cleaning head.  The principles of operation are similar to spiral nozzles in that it breaks apart the cleaning fluid, sending it in all directions, by deflecting the liquid off a surface.  The difference is in the layout of that surface. 

Rather than a spiral shaped impact surface the HydroClaw has, as the name would suggest, a claw like impact surface.  This generates a genuine 360 degrees cleaning pattern whilst maintaining a free passage 3-5 times bigger than spray balls.  Like spray balls it has no moving parts and so there is no chance of gears or ball bearings becoming jammed.

Before and after 

Winery-Before Winery-After 

HydroClaw non-clogging CIP nozzle in action

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Other non-clogging tank cleaning heads

There are other non-clogging options for tank cleaning although, as mentioned above, they are limited in their efficacy and the TW only delivers 270° coverage.

TW stationary spiral tank cleaning nozzle - this nozzle is clog resistant and designed to fit through small openings. The TW is energy efficient and provides greater spray impact than traditional static spray balls. The unique patterns spray in opposing directions for good cleaning coverage in small to medium-sized tanks.

LEM - The versatile LEM stationary tank cleaning nozzle combines six nozzles arranged in a cluster to project spray in all directions. Each nozzle in the cluster is a clog-resistant TF spiral nozzle. The LEM is ideal for cleaning industrial tanks, drums, and totes.

HydroWhirl Disc - a fully submersible rotating nozzle with a large free capacity for cleaning medium sized tanks.

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