Static tank cleaning nozzles

Directing a spray nozzle against the wall of a tank is a simple way to clean it.  We have a variety of very wide angle spiral spray nozzles that are suitable for tank cleaning as well as manifolds consisting of several nozzles from our main spray nozzle range that point in multiple directions to give complete coverage of the tank.


Static CIP nozzles can be useful for cleaning applications where spray balls are not suitable because clogging might be a roblem.


Static spray nozzles are limited in range.  As they produce sprays rather than jets, the momentum of the cleaning fluid is small and quickly diminishes.  This means that these nozzles are limited to cleaning relatively small tanks or for providing a simple rinse in larger tanks.


  • The cleaning of small tanks.
  • Rinsing of medium sized tanks.
  • In environments where no moving parts are allowed
  • Fitting through very small openings (TW only)
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