Evaporation ponds

Evaporation pondWastewater from many chemical production processes contains solid contaminants.  Removing these contaminants by evaporating the water and then collecting the remaining solids requires large evaporation ponds.  This process can be greatly speeded up by recirculating the fluid through a series of spray nozzles to atomise the liquid, increasing surface area and so reducing evaporation time.


Nozzle selection criteria

  • Clog-resistant nozzles to cope with solid contaminants
  • Wide angle nozzles to disperse the fluid
  • Small drop sizes at low pressures to increase evaporation rates
  • Good spray patterns at low pressures to reduce pump duty

Spiral Hollow Cone Nozzles Large free passage spiral nozzle  WL Full cone low flow rate nozzle

Chemical Processing Key Applications

Industry Challenges


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