Chemical processing spray challenge - Harsh operating conditions

Many chemical processing applications involve spraying at high temperatures or in abrasive conditions. Coping with such conditions is largely a matter of proper material selection, but some specific nozzle design features should also be considered.


Spiral nozzles have may useful spray properties but are, by their design, more exposed to abrasive environments.  For this reason SNP supplies a range of abrasion resistant spirals (ST) made in cobalt alloy or tough ceramics.  Spirals are also clog-resistant and can easily cope with spraying lumpy fluids, but also will cope better with caking from the surrounding environment.  Furthermore, such caking is easier to spot and remove as the nozzle is exposed.


Some nozzle design variants such as the Spiral Air and WTX  are made with more robust, thicker casings for operating in tough environments, so it might be worth considering these tougher designs as well as having them made in hard-wearing materials.


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Chemical Processing Key Spray Applications

Chemical Processing Key Spray Challenges:


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