Chemical processing spray challenge - Cleaning glass-lined vessels

Glass-lined vessels are common in many chemical plants.  The acid-resistant properties of glass make it an ideal choice of material.   However, glass can present some concerns when cleaning needs to be performed.


Inserting a lance with a cleaning nozzle on the end and spraying water under pressure to clean the tank is perfectly acceptable as long as the nozzle remains in place.  If, however, an accident occurs and the nozzle comes loose it can fall and crack the glass lining, resulting in many thousands of pounds worth of damage and considerable downtime.


Many chemical plant managers will not allow metal cleaning nozzles to be inserted in to a glass-lined tank.  To solve this problem SNP manufacture cleaning nozzles in a number of plastics like PTFE that are not only more forgiving on glass but are naturally acid-resistant and have a far broader range of chemical compatibilities when compared to most metals.


The HydroWhirl Poseidon is a PTFE rotary flat fan tank cleaning nozzle that will remove most residues from a wide range of sizes of tanks.  Please click on the box below for full product details.


 HydroWhirl Orbitor - high pressure tank washing nozzle

Further details on tank cleaning can be found in our tank cleaning application page.

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