Mixing for the chemical industry


Eductor nozzles are an efficient way to recirculate fluids in tanks to either keep particles suspended or to mix two different fluids that would naturally separate.  Eductors work via the venturi principle and suck in the surround fluid meaning 5 times as much fluid is moved as is actually delivered through the eductor by the recirculation pump.  This helps reduce the pump duty significantly and eliminates the need for mechanical mixers or agitators.




Rotary mixing heads work in the same way as rotary tank cleaners work; indeed, they are essentially the same machine.  Fluid from the tank is recirculated through the submerged jet cleaner.  Alternatively, the fluid that is to be mixed into the liquid already in the tank is pumped through the rotary mixer.  As a bonus, after the mixing process, the rotary mixer can become a tank cleaner.



Nozzle selection criteria

• Desired 'turn' rate
• Tank size compared to plume size
• Materials suitable for the environment

Turbomix eductor mixing nozzle Uni-Eductor 2 Orbitor mixer


Chemical Processing Key Applications

Industry Challenges


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