Fire protection for the chemical industry


Protecting potentially explosive assets in the event of a fire is a possible life-saving application requiring specialist spray nozzles. 


Due to the critical nature of the application, stringently tested nozzle systems are required that will ensure the delivery of the correct volume of fluid onto the asset through a fire.  This involves careful consideration of the drop size mix.  Thankfully, many third party agencies such as United Life Guards, Factory Mutual and Lloyds have verified specialised nozzles for use in these systems.



Nozzle selection criteria

• Certification from third party agencies
• Droplet size mix
• High flow rate / spray density
• Spray angles to ensure correct coverage
• Specialist corrosion resistant materials to ensure correct function when needed  


Deflector flat fan nozzle Ultra wide angle spiral nozzle Fire fighting spiral nozzle



Chemical Processing Key Applications

Industry Challenges


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