Chemical processing spray challenge - Anti-sparking

The cleaning of tanks that contained highly volatile material may contain vapours, residues of the chemical they contained.  This can represent an explosion risk.  High impact cleaning generally involves the use of rotary spray nozzles.  If rotary metallic nozzles are being deployed in tank cleaning applications there is clearly a risk of sparking as we have moving metal parts that can build up a charge.


In volatile environments it might be more appropriate to deploy non-rotary nozzles like the TW very wide angle spiral nozzles or the STVW spray balls.  These cleaning nozzles produce 360 degree low impact cleaning from a single stationary nozzle.  However, the cleaning impact of such systems is limited.  If greater cleaning impact is required then SNP produce a rotating flat fan medium-high impact cleaning nozzle and rotating high impact solid stream tank washers.  These designs of nozzle can be made in anti-static building materials like 316 stainless steel and can be fitted with earthing feed hoses as an extra precaution.


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 Hydro Whirl Tank Cleaning Nozzle hydrowhirl orbitor high pressure tank washing nozzle Tank Washing Spiral Nozzle

Further details on tank washing in general can be found in our tank wash application section of this web site.

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