Chemical processing spray challenge - Chemical compatibility

Chemical compatibility is a complex matter.  Many chemicals will react with the normal metals from which nozzles are manufactured.  SNP can supply nozzles in a variety of chemically-resistant metal alloys or ceramics and plastics.  With the 250 different materials we ofer it is generally not a problem to find a suitable one for most chemical spraying applications.


Some general rules of thumb

Plastics like PTFE offer excellent resistance to most chemicals but they are unable to operate at high temperatures.

Metals like stainless steel can operate at high temperatures but are attacked by some chemicals making them unsuitable.

Exotic alloys can offer good chemical resistance at high temperatures but come at a price and are still vulnerable to some chemicals.

Ceramics offer excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals (although not all) and are able to operate at extreme temperatures and although very hard wearing, can be brittle.


Further advice

SNP have been serving the spraying needs of the chemical processing industry for many years.  We have 250 materials to choose from and this, combined with our extensive experience, means that we can confidently advise on material selection for all chemical spraying needs.

Chemical Processing Key Spray Applications

Chemical Processing Key Spray Challenges: